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I get it...

Health does not
need to be complicated

What it must be, however, is to be inharmony with our human evolution.

On the basis of this simple idea, you can turn your health around 180°. This is also the main theme of the newsletter and the guide.

I combined the things that have helped me the most on my own journey to optimal health. For fucking free. Because everyone is entitled to it.

It's hard to know whom to listen to nowadays...

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May I present...

Ancestral Health 101

Learn all about my approach to holistic health that has helped me manage my chronic illnesses. I teach you my 9-pillar system.

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eBook Content:


Modul 1 des holistischen eBooks von Ancestrally Healthy bringt Dir alles bei zu ganzheitlicher Gesundheit.

Module 1

Holistic - reiterpreted

Holistic means a lot these days, it’s a similar raped term as ‘superfoods’. I think of it as all-encompassing lifestyle medicine.

What does ‘holistic’ mean and what does it not mean.
Human evolution is the most important context for health
Health simplified – you don’t need a PhD!


Modul 2 schaut sich an, wie man am besten eine tierisch basierte Ernährung aufbaut.

Module 2

The Animal-Based Nutrition: eating nutrient-rich

Humans have always eaten animals. This is how we obtained essential nutrients. We look at this topic from the most important angles.

  • The nose-to-tail principle
  • What is it about anti-nutrients in plants?
  • Fasting – why you should eat breakfast!


Modul 3 kümmert sich um die Rollen von Tageslicht, Quantengesundheit und den zirkadianen Rhyhtmus.

Module 3

Your Enviornment determines you Health

Your environment determines your inner environment to a great extent. In nature, it took over a lot of things outsourced, in the modern environment we have to do.

  • The role of light for health
  • Avoiding environmental toxins: the most important tips
  • Temperature adaptation: cold & heat


Modul 4 erklärt Dir, wie Du tägliche Bewegung und Training am besten in Deinen Gesundheitsansatz integrierst.

Module 4

Movement: made to flow

As animals, we are made to move. Today, however, most understand training under it, although it is only a small part.

  • How to optimize your daily movement
  • The 3 V’s: Variety, Volume & Vrequency (ok, gotcha…).
  • The best exercise protocols (without working out 6 days a week).


Modul 5 erkundet das soziale Umfeld und warum es wichtig ist für menschliche Gesundheit.

Module 5

Fine-tuning your Lifestyle

This chapter goes more into the psychosocial aspects of health, but also explores why a powerful intervention is reconnecting with nature.

  • People need challenges to ‘suffer’ for something meaningful
  • Building and nurturing the social environment
  • Living & grounding close to nature for greater health

Bonus Content:

Modul 6 wird praktisch und erklärt Dir, wie Du all die Gesundheitstipps am besten holistisch anwendest.

Bonus 1

How do I apply all of that?

You get a lot of information. Now the art is to put it all into practice and persevere.

Bonus 2

Step-by-Step Workflow

This workflow shows you the most important steps to follow on your journey to better health.

Bonus 3

Hilfreiche Ressourcen

A few recommendations from my side on how you can get further into the presented topics.

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