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I share my views on health with you – health from a evolutionary point of view.

The big problem nowadays is that we own more and more, yet paradoxically we’re getting more and more unhealthy. Something about our lifestyle is making us sick. And western medicine has no answer to that.

At first, it was a purely personal journey for me- in search of my own health. For a long time I was plagued by psychological problems & autoimmune diseases.

Ultimately, I try to answer the fundamental questions – why is our society so sick? And what can we do about it? My answer is: to look back. Live in a human environment.

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My Story

Waking up
My Journey towards Health
All too often, big changes start from self-centered action. For me, it all started with fitness training & changing my diet from standard junk to Paleo in 2015.
Waking up
The tough realization
Standard Dogma fails
I come from a healthcare background - radiology - and have often experienced the limitations of the system. It couldn't help me either with psychological problems, various autoimmune diseases like asthma, atopic eczema, and some intolerances. The only thing I was offered was pills.
The tough realization
It is only a Part
Sport and nutrition taught me a lot. It's 2018 and by now I've been eating keto. Mentally I was much more stable, but the autoimmune diseases remained.
Glimmer in the Dark
The Carnivore Diet
I've always been my own experiment. This was also the case when I read about the Carnivore Diet in 2019. I was very critical, but also curious and made great progress with keto. A month of 'experiment' turned into 2 years - 2 years that turned my whole thinking upside down and turned most standard wisdom questionable.
Glimmer in the Dark
Being human again
Disease is NOT normal
People are healthy when their environment dictates it. I am convinced of that. And we see that in many traditional cultures. Our society makes us sick. The good thing is, however, that we've the power to change that.
Being human again
Quantum Point of view
Health is more than Nutrition
Over the past 2 years I have let my fixation on food go and explored many other areas: quantum health, circadian rhythm, biophysics, mitochondrial health - just to name a few. Health is the sum of all these parts. Nature used to bring everything together, but in our disconnected world we have to take on this task.
Quantum Point of view

— Qualifications

For 8 years I worked as a radiographer. I experienced a lot, many cases & pathologies and now know the body inside out (even if mostly in grayscale and not trichromatic).

In addition, I started blogging 5 years ago – about calisthenics & flexibility training and got started in personal training.

  • Radiographer for diagnostic & interventional Radiology, MRI, Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine – Köln Hohenlind 2015
  • Personal Fitness Training: A & B License – OTL Academy
  • Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1 – Seeking Health, Dr. Ben Lynch
  • Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics: Part 1 – Seeking Health, Dr. Ben Lynch

Over the years I have focused more and more on the science of health & nutrition. What was first a self-centered endeavor quickly became an intellectual journey. Finally, I made the difficult decision to retire my first blog to start Ancestrally Healthy in March 2022 with the aim of helping others with my framework:

  1. Nutrition (animal-based, low in toxins & nutrient-rich)
  2. Environment (Avoiding Toxins, Daylight, Quantum Health, Temperature)
  3. Movement (Daily & Exercise)
  4. Reconnection (Social, Spirituality, Acquiring Food, Cooking, Crafts)

My Favorite Topics

'If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.'
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Sports Science

As a passionate athlete/handbalancer myself, I love the theory behind the practice.


Quantum Health & Biochemistry

Yes, I'm such a nerd that the citric acid cycle or the mention of the quantum uncertainty principle doesn't scare meoff, but rather excites me.

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Ancestral Health

'Disease arises the further we stray away from nature.' - Unknown

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