Where shall we start?

Our Health Is Distorted. Society Makes Us Sick.

The Bottom-Up Approach

Think about it - health is the default mode of nature

The majority suffers chronic disease

We are constantly told the myth of perpertual progress. Everything is getting better. Be happy! Many technologies are actually blessing - I would not want to do without anesthesia or refrigerators.

Yet, despite all the inventions, chronic diseases hold their grip tightly around society. It seems that the more civilized we become, the sicker we get.

Nature kept us healthy

Being healthy means to live like a human - entirely. You environment makes you healthy or sick. This ecompasses things like:
- Your light environment
- Environmental toxins
- The food you eat and the season you are in
- the electromagentic radiation surrounding you
- and much more

Can we go back?

That is the big question! My answer breaks down into 9 basic pillars that together make up human health:
- Light, Nutrition & Sleep
- Movment, Human Connecten & Enviornmental Toxins
- Temperature, Spirituality & your Purpose

Humans also viewed daylight and therefore it is a strong factor that influences our biology.
Eine Stadt bei Nacht, jeder (hoffentlich) tief im NREM und REM-Schlaf.

The 4 Ancestral Health Tenets


Eat like a Human

EVERYTHING builds upon your food. Period.

Our Ancestors ate what they could gather, hunt or fish. A seasonal & animal-based Diet takes the most nutritious foods and combines them with appropriate plants.


Strong Circadian Rhythym

Light is THE input for all life. Everything in the body is based on it.
Therefore, everyone's first priority should be a healthy circadian rhythm - perfect sleep, well-regulated hormones, and seasonal adjustment.
Daylight also provides energy in the form of quantum particles that your body uses.


Avoid man-made toxins

We created an environment filled wiht toxins:
- Pesticides á là Glyphosate & Atrazine
- Hormones such as Estrogen
- EMF-Radiation such as 5G & WLAN
- Plastics, Parabens & Phtalathes - and many more like PCB, PFAS or heavy metals


living human again

Being human means to live in the present moment. It means to draw one's creative power. By 'reconnecting' I mean recalling those actions that make us feel human and have been with us for time:
- to hunt, fish, or gather one's own food
- crafting or cooking from scratch - true connection with spirituality and social environment
- Learning to breathe properly and to get in touch with the earth

This image shows the east African savannah the birthplace of humans.

We can go back to health. With an holistic understanding.

We don't have to live in a cave (although it would be a cool experience) - what helps us is knowledge. While our environment works on more compartmentalization by default, we need to actively invent ways to live as naturally as possible.

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