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Coaching I currently offer for free for ~30 minutes. No catch. So if you have advice, and you like the offer, feel free to write me. Spaces are limited & limited depending on volume.


I can help you with:

This image is the cover one of my post about animal nutrients, also called zoonutrients.

Eating like a human should eat

Along with your environment, nutrition is the foundation of all life, including yours. Our ancestors praised animal food above all. Not without reason: hunting or animal sources are packed with nutrients.

Nevertheless, we are also omnivores who eat plants in a seasonal context. And that’s what I think an optimal diet for humans should look like today.

I can help you eat nutritiously and adjusted to your surroundings, as humans have done forever.

Quantum Health

Quantum health takes biophysics into account. While physics has advanced into the world of quanta, medicine still remains in the world of biochemistry and explains everything that way.

Yet things like sunlight, magnetism, and water have enormous consequences for our well-being. We are fundamentally a battery.

I can help you fill it functionally and bring your life into harmony with your environment.

Schlaf und Gesundheit sind engstens miteinander verbunden.
Spine Drawing

Holistic Approach

Besides nutrition & environment, many other factors are important. I take a holistic approach that also includes exercise, environmental toxins, the social life and much more. Addressing solely nutrition is only one lever while leaving out everything else.

Therefore, I look at everyone as an individual and while the basics are the same for everyone, the way to get there might look different.

That's how it works!

45 Minutes

We will set up an appointment and get together for 45 Minutes.


If you have any questions upfront feel free to write me via or alternatively usae the contact page.

Setup an Appointment

Please use the button at the top of the page. It will refer you to a software I use for time management. You can set up everything there.


1-on-1 Starter


For 3 Months

Silver Follow-Up


+ 2 months

Gold Follow-Up


+ 2 Months


Firstly, I would love to hear from you, your goals and get to know you a bit. That’s all for free. 

If we decide to work together, we will set up a 1h Skype-Call. After at most 7 days (I mostly program on the weekends), I will reach out to you with the complete program.


We will discuss each exercise and clarify questions within the first 30′ checkup.

After purchasing, I will send you my Form, which you will fill out before our initial Skype-Assessement. Your Homework.


Within the Assessement-Call we’ll closely look at your goal

My goal is to get you one step closer to your goal and part with you in a better shape than beforehand. The same goal also applies to my life. Therefore, my job is it to enhance your life and help you progress. I am your external bad cop/good cop who motivates you, but holds you accountable.


Anyways, I like to focus on your goal and life wholistically. Coaching is much more than writing down 3 sets of 5 reps.

You are free again. No seriously. You can decide to prolong our partnership or practice the acquired knowledge on your own.

You will get my private WhatsApp number and are free to contact me whenever you want with whatever you want. Please just don’t call me at 4am.