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Discover how to eat nutrient-rich within 5 simple steps.
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— About Me

I help humans to discover their ancestral birthright to optimal health

Hey Kevin here! Ancestrally Healthy is my answer why, despite all the advances, humans are getting sicker and sicker. We do not treat the cause, we only alleviate our suffering.

  • Why does the modern way of living make people sick?
  • What exactly is at the root of the issue? 
  • And most importantly, what can each of us do about it?

First of, these were just personal questions on my own journey towards optimal health. Now I want to share my experience with you!

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Where should I start?

It does not need to be complicated

Health is complex. There are two different opinions on everything and an overwhelming amount of information around. So, where should one begin?

My answer is: to look back. Be human. Nature automatically solved many problems for us – circadian health, fasting, temperature adjustment. Today, however, that burden lies upon us.

I’ll show you how to achieve exactly that, based on powerful lifestyle interventions.

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The coaching runs for 6 months. During this period we keep in close contact, work out a plan, and you can write me personally.

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So far, I offer a handy eBook that explains all the nutrients in detail and where you can get them.

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In 90 pages, you'll learn about the physiology of each nutrient and where to source it from.

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