To claim that quantum effects take place in the body seems heretical, and only a handful know what the biological implications are. Modern medicine lags badly behind severely. Plus, biophysical research takes place far from public discourse. Two illustrative examples are:

  1. The effects of the different wavelengths of light on your body
  2. How artificial electromagnetic radiation, meaning artificial lighting & electrosmog, harm us

Throughout this post, we’ll look at the major areas of quantum health. You’ll also find links to sources that go into further detail. I also want to share with you the most powerful habits to implement that made a huge effect on my personal well-being.

Health is so much more than just nutrition! Your environment strongly dictates how you feel.

What is Quantum Health?

Quantum effects also take place in the chaotic interior of the cells - highly controlled.
Quantum effects also take place in the chaotic interior of the cells – highly controlled.

Quantum health is a brand-new field that seeks to unite physics & biology. Unlike physics, which now deals with incomprehensibly small particles and postulates quantum mechanical laws that make no sense at first glance, medicine is still trapped in the biochemical world of hormones and enzymes. A standstill has been reached since the great biochemical gold rush of the 20th century. Pharma loves the bonanza of the status quo. Even more fatal is the broad thinking that our understanding has already enlightened all layers, down to the lowest level.

I would say we are far from it!

Minute particles do indeed have profound effects on our bodies. Even more exciting is the realization that quantum effects, such as quantum tunneling1Quantum tunneling refers to the ability of a quantum to emerge on the other side of an impenetrable barrier. This barrier can be a solid one, such as a membrane, but it can also be an electromagnetic gradient that should normally keep charged particles from passing through. are likely to take place in biological bodies. It has long been assumed that the warm and messy environment of biological cells does not allow for these effects. Instead, I like to think that life has adapted to exploit effects at the quantum scale.

Quantum health, thus revolves around the following topics:

What Topics does Quantum Health content with?

Quantum biology studies quantum effects in biological beings

Quantum biology investigates how quantum effects shape biological life. A great book that explains these spectacular findings quite easily is ‘The Quantum Beat of Life*‘ by Jim Al-Khalili & Johnjoe Macfadden.

For example, they found that the 5 complexes of the respiratory chain in mitochondria, depend on quantum tunneling to be able to produce energy.2
For this, a certain minimum distance between the enzymes must be maintained; certain environmental influences, such as the lack of natural light or electrosmog, bring the complexes further apart. The distances are tiny – measured in Ångstroms, the tenth of a nanometer. Even a few Ångstroms between the complexes greatly reduce the efficiency of energy production.3

There are many other areas in which quantum effects are postulated, such as photosynthesis.
For photosynthesis, a certain molecule4Known as an exciton, since it is ‘excited’ by the light, must always be exactly where a light photon hits. The big question is how this is possible, as the effect must be instantaneous.

The answer has been the complicated quantum phenomenon of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, according to which quanta can be everywhere, simultaneously. It does not have to follow Einstein’s rules and can be found at points that are not compatible with the speed of light. It appears only at a certain place if one looks for it. So it can be exactly there, where the light photon hits. For more explanation check out the said book.5‘Quantum Entanglement’: +

Earthing – Reconnect to the Earth’s Current

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=3867310912&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=DE&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=ancestrallyhe 21&language=de DEClint Ober: Heilendes Erden

The earth is slightly negatively charged, this is a well-known fact. It is the reason why cables must always be well coated, otherwise it will affect the cables.

Yet no one had thought to combine this charge with health until Clint Ober came up with the idea. His experiments, as well as those of many subsequent scientists, are described in the book ‘Earthing*’.

If you are in contact with the ground, with bare skin, your body can exchange electrons.6 The triple collagen helix is a major semiconductor in the body7 thus distributes quantum information. This allows simultaneous control of the few trillion reactions in the body per second – a phenomenon that has always baffled biochemists. Grounding therefore is a great source of electrons – and indeed it was something that we humans have always done until before the advent of synthetic materials.

Sunlight – the most important Environmental Input

Grounding is free and still provides powerful effects.
Grounding is free and still provides powerful effects.

Natural light is by far the most important input we get from the environment. It comes in the form of:

  • Light that enters our uncovered eyes
  • Light that our skin absorbs
  • Spectra such as infrared & near-infrared that penetrate into the depths of our body

Interestingly, all these different vectors of light are crucial. We famously need UV light on our skin to make vitamin D from cholesterol, yet it also induces a current via the Photoelectric effect. Plus, the many natural spectrums of light cause the release of endorphins8 and even modulate how our body makes energy. Red light is potent in making the 4th complex of the respiratory chain9called Cytochrome C Oxidase, better at converting oxygen to mitochondrial EZ water. This has effects on oxygen and nitrogen radical formation, as well as the energy yield of the ATPase.10

But that was only the natural light that hits our skin – what hits the eyes does even more:

  • It directly produces neurotransmitters that are stored as precursors in the retina.
  • Daylight is directly responsible for setting our circadian rhythm.
  • Light cleaves POMC into 6 molecules and is thus a major endocrine player
  • Red light enlargens the exclusion zones of your cellular EZ water

If you are cut off from light, bathed in artificial light, or don’t have your routines set properly, you will fuck up all these processes. Therefore, light input is the crux of quantum health and fundamental to your well-being. Unfortunately, it is also an area that almost no one gets right due to modern culture.

Hexagonal Water – The Water inside our Cells

Hexagonal water is the water that is predominant in your cells. It is the reason why we don’t leak when we cut ourselves – the water is structured.
That is why it is sometimes called structured water or exclusion zone water.

Gerald Pollack has experimentally shown that water forms an exclusion zone and postulated that such water is predominant in cells.11 An exclusion zone is an electromagnetic bubble through which things can be included or excluded, such as electrolytes. You can read more about the mechanisms and experiments in Gerald Pollack’s book ‘The Fourth Phase of Water*’.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=3867311587&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=DE&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=ancestrallyhe 21&language=de DEWasser viel mehr als H20 von Gerald Pollack

More interesting for us is that this water must be formed and needs energy input for this. Best known here is the input from natural red light & near-infrared light. But also things like:

  • Cold therapy or Sauna
  • Electrons gathered through grounding
  • Piezoelectric energy generated by motion

…and a few more are able to structure your ordinary water into hexagonal water. Hydration is thus not done with drinking water, but requires electrolytes and energy input, largely as red light, to be able to produce water. We act like a solar collector – literally. If you’re wondering where this water is created in the body – we’ve already hit the spot: CCO, the 4th complex of the respiratory chain.

Strahlung durch Elektrosmog

Electrosmog refers to the (unfortunately) omnipresent spectrum of non-native electromagnetic radiation that is all around us. These include, for example:

…and many more. Whereby these are probably the most significant polluters.

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These sources emit a wide range of radiations with different energies. In the body, all these frequencies have proven effects12[/mfn] – some destroy structured water, others sabotage proper energy production. At a fundamental level, the body’s most important processes take place at the quantum level, especially in the mitochondria. And it is precisely this that the high-energy artificial waves come into contact. We absorb this energy. While electrosmog does not create ions, as X-rays do, it still transfers energy to tissues and thus harms our biology.12Impact of Wi-Fi Energy on EZ Water

These are the most helpful habits you do not undertake!

Optimizing Sunlight: Mornings, Daytime, Evenings

Sunlight is fundamental to all life. As it is for us as walking solar collectors.
Sunlight is fundamental to all life. As it is for us as walking solar collectors.

This is probably the most important habit of all that you can build. No exaggeration. And in fact, it consists of three parts:

  • Seeing the sun rise for 10-30min.
  • Getting UV-rich midday light in the eyes for ~2h and on the skin for 30min daily.
  • Seeing the sunset for 10-30min.

The great thing about natural light is that it comes in its full spectrum. The spectrum changes throughout the day and is in the morning and evening enriched in infrared & near-infrared waves.

Morning light acts as the first anchor point to establish your circadian rhythm. Sunset as the second and final anchor point before sleep. Before or after, any light from artificial sources should be blocked and blue light blockers* can be worn. The midday sun, contributes to vitamin D, optimizes your hormone balance, and ensures that you have enough hexagonal water available.
The important thing here is not to wear any sunscreen and not to wear sunglasses. Among many other negative things13Sunscreens are full of hormone disruptors and nanoparticles, sunglasses inhibit your body’s own sun protection, because the release of melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) is dependent on incident light in the eyes. they let very little light through and thus negate the intended effect.

Get these 3 habits right for 30 days (or preferably forever) and you’ll see great progress in your overall well-being and energy levels. Here is how you can achieve that in more detail.

Earthing – Reconnect to the Earth daily

Earthing is antioxidant and is a major source of negative charge. Therefore:

  • ground yourself in the morning for 10-20min
  • ground yourself in the evening for 10-20min

The important thing here is that you must be barefoot in contact with the natural ground (stone, earth, meadow). Wood and asphalt are not recommended due to their poor conductive properties.

The cool thing is that you can’t overdo it. There is no such thing as too much grounding. Also, quantum effects do not occur linearly, which simply says that even a little time, like 10min, can have big effects. So it’s best to combine grounding with daylight – in the morning in the garden, at lunch in the park, or in the evening on a barefoot walk.

Seasonal Eating & Keto-Adaptation

Saturated fats from animal sources are what people have been touting for millions of years.
Saturated fats from animal sources are what people have been touting for millions of years.

The ketogenic metabolism, is the natural way humans function most of the year. We see this clearly when we look at where and in what quantities carbohydrates are found in wild nature – in small quantities and only seasonally.

Being keto-adapted means being able to run on fatty acids & ketone bodies without feeling any negative effects. It also means that you eat few carbs, a common guideline is ~50g per day.

This has biochemically very positive effects, because fats are burned differently than carbohydrates:

  • this depends on how many cofactors (FADH2 & NADH, as well as CoA) can be provided
  • animal saturated fats provide the most cofactors (and thus electrons)
  • Cofactors are converted to heat & energy – also send potent signals in the form of ROS & certain rates to your genes to contribute to health.14For example, PPAR-gamma activation and thus a down-regulation of the ‘hibernation’ many PUFA-infested people are caught in these days. Also, it helps the master hormone leptin function and positively affects heat extraction of excess energy via the mitochondrial uncoupling proteins.
  • More cofactors also generate more run in through the respiratory chain. Effectively you produce much more hexagonal water in the 4th complex than if you burn carbohydrates.

Therefore, a seasonal strategy of keto-adaptation is important- that is, in harmony with our environment and our evolution. Also from a quantum health point of view.

Reduce electrosmog that you get every day

Electrosmog can’t be avoided nowadays – unless you live off-grid, far away from telephone poles & neighbors. Congratulations then – but the question is how did you read this?

But the majority of us don’t, including me. I have a 5G tower right outside my apartment. Breaking it is not in my budget, so I guess I have to tolerate it. Still, what we can all do is reduce electrosmog to the degree that it is within our power. The best way to do that is at home:

  • Turn off the WIFi – switch to LAN connections for all devices instead. There are also USB LAN ports for cell phones.
  • Switch off the fuses in the bedrooms when you go to sleep. This way there is no current on the lines and where there is no current flow, there are no fields.
  • Ground yourself while you sleep with a grounding mat. Like an arrester, you avoid a certain dose of radiation.
  • Use blue light blocking glasses and screen apps. Work mainly outdoors in daylight. Never have your laptop on your lap.
  • Always have your phone in airplane mode when not in use. Remove it from your pants pocket. Be sure to get rid of wireless headphones. Never use a microwave oven.

As you can see, these are already some tips – and there are many more. But these are the most important ones to reduce your cumulative dose of nnEMF’s that you otherwise get around the clock. Technology is great, but like everything in life, comes with a price.

Where should I start my Quantum Health Journey?

Admittedly, I have thrown an enormous amount of info at you. It took me years to gather a lot of this information and put it into context. Therefore, don’t feel overwhelmed. As I like to say, health is fought for in 1% increments – one habit per month, one modification per week, something new learned each day. Progress has many faces.

  1. Start with the first daylight habit – morning, evening & daytime. This is probably the most important.
  2. After that grounding can be combined super hiemrit without more effort.
  3. To regulate electrosmog at home is also easy and does not cost much besides the LAN cables.

So much for quantum health – brand new and yet effective. While many details are quite complex and quantum mechanics partly does not have to make sense, the framework is easy. All these habits bring us back to living like a human again – human, as in early man. In harmony with our environment, be it light, the natural electromagnetic radiation and far away from modern influences. Here lies true health. I hope this post helps you on your way there.
Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions! Also check out the linked posts for more details on each topic.

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FAQs zur Quantengesundheit!

What is Quantum Health?

Quantum Health comes from the English ‘Quantum Health’. This is about integrating biophysical findings into the lagging, biochemical approach of medicine. One example is how quantum tunneling takes place in the five enzymes of the respiratory chain and with what effects.

How can quantum effects take place in the body?

Due to the warm and very chaotic environment, this was long thought impossible. But in fact they do take place. The human body might even be designed to exploit quantum effects at the smallest level to better survive. That is, quantum effects are specifically allowed and exploited.

What kind of quantum effects are there?

There is, for example, quantum tunneling, interference, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle or the Pauli principle. All these theories describe certain patterns according to which quantum particles act, including in the human body.

What does quantum health help with?

Quantum health helps to understand health more holistically by including biophysical processes in the concept. This includes, for example, the effect of electrons from the environment that we absorb via daylight or earth.


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